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Hailea Aquarium 20ltr

Hailea Aquarium 20ltr

Lightweight and strong 
Made of a special acrylic/glass compound, this fishtank is both super strong and lightweight. You won't break it easily and it's easier to pick up when you do need to move it.

Extra clear
There is no point having fish you can't see. The Hailea Aquariums are nice and clear, so you can see your fish properly and from all angles.

Water proof illuminating system with sufficient light
This fish tank is a great size for the kids room, they can see them at night with the in-built light. It can even double as a night light!

Easy to assemble
There are no tricky bits with this fish tank so there's no stress in assembling it. Just plug in the filter and put the lid on. Voila.

Less cleaning time
Having a filter in your fish tank means you don't have to clean it so often and it makes the pretty bubbles. 

With a 20 ltr capacity this tank is perfect for sitting on a bookshelf or on a dressing table. Great for a child's birthday present or as a starter kit for adults. Size 36cm x 24cm x 31cm 

Best of all, you don't have to worry about freight because we pay it. Why not buy one now?

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