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Prac-tic Flea Treatment for Medium Dogs

Prac-tic Flea Treatment for Medium Dogs

Why should I be concerned about fleas?

Fleas are more than an annoyance for your dog, they can cause flea allergy dermatitis, which results in itching and discomfort and if the skin breaks, pain and possibly infection.

Fleas also act as intermediate host for the flea tapeworm Dipylidium caninum, which causes weight loss, diahoea, poor coat condition and irritates the anal area causing the pet to scoot along the ground.

Given that a single female flea can produce up tp 2000 eggs in a lifetime, breaking the cycle is key to flea control.

Why makes Prac-tic flea treatment so good?

Prac-tic kills 100% of fleas within 24 hrs of application.

You want to be sure your pet is getting the best treatment. Prac-tic spot on kills more fleas than Frontline Plus!

Your pet remains covered against infestation for a month after treatment so if any new fleas that come into contact with your pet Prac-tic keeps on killing.

As the name suggests Prac-tic also provides monthly protection against ticks.

Prac-tic flea treatment can be used to treat your pet for fleas from the age of 8 weeks and or the body weight of 2kg s.

This flea size flea treatment is for dogs 11kg - 22kg s weight.

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