Passwell Parrot Pellets 1kg

Passwell Parrot Pellets 1kg

What do I feed my parrot?
A cockatoo will eat about 40 grams of parrot pellets daily with fresh food.
So you will get 250 days from a 10kg sack.
So why should you choose to use Passwell Parrot Pellets?
These pellets are a low fat, balanced diet that contain vitamins A,B1,B2,B6,B12,C,D3,E and K. They have enriched minerals also omega-3 and 6, calcium and iodine.   
So Passwell Pellets limit the need for supplements! 
How to best introduce pellets to your parrots diet
It is best to introduce these as early as possible so your parrot gets used to eating the pellets. Some parrots take to them right away and others take longer. It is advisable to buy a 1kg box initially while you wean your bird onto the pellets in case it takes longer than expected. Some birds have 50-50 mixes with the pellets and seed, but ideally a pellet and fresh diet with seed for treats is the best outcome.
What's wrong with feeding my parrot seed?
Seed on its own won't satisfy your parrots nutritional needs. Seed is usually a mix that includes parts that your parrot will find unpalatable and that will not be consumed by your bird.
How does Passwell Parrot Pellets compare cost wise?
The biggest size I have is a 10kg sack. It costs $125.00, which is a good saving as a 1kg box costs $20.00. This price includes delivery. 

I feed an Alexandrian and ringneck on these and have done for a number of years and have been very happy with them.

Select  a Size to suit your needs.

Take advantage of our free delivery. We will courier them to you in 2 working days.
Your parrot will love you for it!


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