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Grooming your dog

Steve Coppell - Sunday, September 29, 2013



How often should I groom my dog?

Its a good idea to groom your dog regularly, depending on the type of coat your breed has.  High maintenance breeds need a professional groom every 6 to 8 weeks, as opposed to low maintenance breeds that may only need grooming twice yearly.

Why do I need to groom my dog?
Dogs generally go through a seasonal coat change twice a year. A groom helps to clear the old coat to allow the new season coat to come through. 
Grooming helps to decrease the shedding, this means less mess in your house.
Your groomer should get your dogs coat to look, feel and smell great, but while they groom they also get a good look at your dogs skin, ears and eyes and can identify any issues relating skin complaints etc.
Dogs often enjoy the grooming process and they certainly appreciate the feel of a clean groomed coat.

Care of my dogs nails

Groomers also take care of trimming your dogs nails.
Walking your dog regularly on hard surfaces like concrete paths will help to keep your dogs nails trim. Often though smaller breeds don't maintain a good nail length on their own this way, or they may have dew claws that don't make contact with a path surface. This could lead to sore feet and other on going issues.
Often your dog will be more excepting of the process of a nail trim from a groomer than they will be for their owners.

What if I want to groom my dog at home?
Tails has a great range of products if you decide you'd  prefer to groom your dog at home. Just click below to find out more

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We offer grooming services here in Lower Hutt!!

Are you in the Wellington region? Perhaps you would like to make an appointment for your dogs groom or just want some advice. We would love to hear from you!

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