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Care for your pets while your away

Steve Coppell - Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pets are an ongoing responsibility so when we do need to go away for any period of time and can't take our pets with us, we need to know there are options available to allow this.

Kennels and Catteries
This is commonly the first option looked at with pet owners. You must be prepared to book early for this service especially over the big holiday periods such as Christmas, Easter and school holidays. So this isn't the best option when the break is last minute, unless it's off peak. A lot of pets do well with this option if they get used to it early, the more timid pets can be taken for a night earlier to get used to it, so you and they know it can be a good option.

Neighbours friends and family
Depending on how well you know your neighbours, this can be a good option especially if they also have animals. This also gives you added security for your home as they can clear your mailbox and check on your house, even closing curtains and turning on and off lights so to make the house appear to be occupied and not a target for burglars. Your pets might be familiar with the people doing the caring while you are away and that can be reassuring to them. 

House Sitters
This is another house based option which means there is someone living in your house while you are away taking care of your house and pet, mail, plants etc.


Pet Feeding Services
Feeding services are becoming more popular because we don't always know our neighbours well enough to ask them to feed our pets. Some people don't want to impose on neighbours. So a paid option is preferred. Services often include having your mail collected and plants watered and all the needs of your pet can be asked for and met. Pets generally feel happier in their home environment and their daily routines don't need to change too much.