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Tips for teaching your pup to come when called.

Steve Coppell - Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So why does it all go wrong when pup seemed to be listening really well initially?

Two things often occur when people first get their new pup and they decide to teach it to come on command.

Firstly, what most new owners find is that pup initially comes when it's called really well, ( say about the first 4 months ). This is because they are still really young and so very attached and dependant on you. But as they get older the command seems to wear off and they stop coming.

Secondly, a lot of new pup owners fail to use a leash when trying to teach the animal to come. When pup is not on a leash they have a choice whether they come or not. Giving pup a choice is a training no no.

So how should we train pup to come when called?

Put on his collar and attach a long retractable lead. Have some treats ready. Call pup enthusiastically, you can clap your hands, stoop down, or take a couple of steps backward.

Give him a treat when he comes to you and lots of encouragement. When he has finished the treat, let him off to explore again. ( doing this teaches him that being called to come doesn't necessarily mean that play time is over )

Repeat this exercise over and over increasing the number and closeness of distractions that are luring him, until he comes automatically every time. Then, and only then do you take him off the leash and start the process over again until he comes each time you call.