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Puppy Training

Steve Coppell - Friday, November 26, 2010

Puppy School

There's no doubt about it , bringing home a puppy is an exciting time! But in order for your little friend to reach its full potential, you need to house train it and establish a routine, including daily sessions of play and exercise. Here are some helpful training tips and advise.

Puppies Need Structure and Consistency!


Resource Control and Leadership

Puppies need to see that people control their resources. This helps to make them feel safe.
Resources include food, sleeping place, toys, games and social interaction. If they recognise that people are good resource managers, it takes pressure off them. Puppies that do not percieve people to be good at controlling resources often try to take over control themselves. As they are not equipped to deal with such a responsibility, it usually results in decreased self confidence, various forms of inappropriate behavior and even anxiety.

Feeding Routine

The young puppy still needs small frequent meals, ideally three to four a day. Feed more or less at the same times every day. Start with a feeding ritual right from the start. It should to sit before it is fed, and the bowl should be removed within 10 to 15 minutes.

House Training Routines

Plan your day carefully so that you can take the puppy out to its potty spot shortly after it has awoken, after every meal and after physical activity. The potty spot should be easily accessible for the puppy. It should always be the type of surface that you would like it to urinate/ deficate on, for example grass, or soil.

Play Routine

Puppies love to play but need to know how to play appropriately, what to play with and how to control themselves during play. Regular play helps a puppy use up its (often excessive) energy.