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My dog jumps up on me

Steve Coppell - Sunday, February 20, 2011

Does your dog greet you by jumping up on you?

There are many ways we program both positive and negative behaviour in our pets, sometimes without  realizing we even do it. Consider this the next time your pup jumps up and you respond by giving your pet positive encouragement with a pat or hugs because as a pup this is cute. Your pup associates this practise with the positive experience and why wouldn't it continue to do this as it grows older.
Why do our dogs jump up on people?
Your dog might be seeking your attention and this method (jumping up on you) has worked for them in the past.
Dogs will jump up because they are excited to see us.
Also on rare occasions your dog can jump up to assert dominance.
What should I do about my dog to stop it from jumping up?
Start training your pet as early as you can. Prevent behaviour problems becoming engrained character traits.
If you can see your pet is getting ready to jump up on you, turn your back on them, don't make eye contact, or say anything, don't give them any attention! Wait for your pet to settle down. When they settle, turn and command them to sit. As long as they have learned this already, when they do, give them all the praise and encouragement they long for.