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My cat has stopped using the litter box!

Steve Coppell - Monday, June 20, 2011

What happened?

You start to notice your feline has a problem hitting the litter box, and now she is going on the kitchen floor, in the bathtub, or anywhere else inside the house but where she suppose to go.

First things first.

Firstly, are you clearing the litter box daily and replacing the litter often enough?  Do you have enough litter boxes for the number of pets in the house?  Or is there a litter box for every level of the house?  Can you be sure there isn't a health problem associated with these events?

Don't Despair
You can try these ways to get her back using the litter box again.

If it smells like a toilet it must be the toilet.

When you notice your pet has missed the litter box you need to remove all traces of this event. So of course the faeces and urine needs to be cleaned up, but also any smells left behind that your pet will pick up in the future. Failing to remove these odour's will only encourage her to go to the toilet in this place again next time. 
Once the area has been cleaned you can spray a urine smell neutraliser to kill the scent.

This is where we eat, not where we go to the toilet.
You can discourage your cat from using the wrong spot over and over again by placing her food in the spot every day for at least 21 days. She will get the idea that this is a feeding area and stop using it for a toilet.

When all else fails.

If your cats litter box is made of plastic and you have had it a long time, it will eventually absorb the offending odours so it doesn't make a difference how often you replace the litter. A new plastic litter box is not expensive to replace. It might be worth buying a new one.