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Heavy Drinking

Steve Coppell - Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Drink lots of water! 

It's a fact, drinking plenty of fresh clean water is good for your health. 

We drink water because:
It transports oxygen to our bodies cells.
Water regulates our body temperature.
Water provides means for nutrients to travel to all our organs.
Water is used by the body to remove toxins and waste.
Water is a lubricant for our bodies and so provides protection for our joints and organs.
Water leads to increased energy levels, the most common cause of day time fatigue is actually dehydration.  

So we know how important fresh clean water is to us.
Water is equally important to your pet, regardless of what pets you have. Unless of course you have fish.
To combat an infection and ward off future ones, be certain that your pet has fresh clean water to drink.

How can I check if I'm concerned about my dogs hydration?

To check for dehydration in dogs, grab a piece of skin at the back of your dogs neck. Stretch it out, then let it go. A properly hydrated dogs skin will snap quickly back into place, while the dehydrated dogs skin will return slowly and form a "tent" in the process.

Dry Food verses Canned Food

If you feed your pet canned food, try cutting back on the canned stuff while increasing his portion of dried food. Canned food contains enough water to reduce your pets normal thirst, causing him to drink less than he actually needs for a healthy urinary tract. By contrast, dry food will make him thirsty, and encourage him to drink water.

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Are you are looking for a hassle free, spill proof, hygienic, way to provide fresh clean water for your dog outside 24/7?
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Tails have Lixit Automatic Dog Waterers at very affordable prices with free delivery. This is an option for your dog outside.
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So if your glass is half fill, don't be wet behind the ears, you'll be like a fish out of water.
Stay hydrated. feed your pets dry food,  and provide plenty of fresh clean water for your pets.