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Friendliest Cat Breeds

Steve Coppell - Saturday, October 23, 2010
One of the tricks  with getting a friendly cat is to bring them into the family home at a young age, as a kitten, so they get to know the routines and the personalities in the house. Expecting an older cat to adapt to a rowdy family of kids is a big ask. When choosing kittens, though, have a good look at the parents. As well as checking the health records, take the time to know the parents of the kitten. If the parents seem to be friendly cats  with a good temperament, then theres a good chance the kittens will be a chip off the old block and be even tempered as well.

Finally, just remember that a cat needs to be happy in order order to be friendly. So some of its friendliness is down to you. Make it feel secure and happy, and then it will turn on the charm.


Personality: almost the checky kid you remember from school that could never sit still. Burmese have a real love of adventure that almost amounts to a craving for chaos . While they are capable of having fun by themselves, they will often take it to you as well. They will also come to you for affection.

playful Burmese definately  need entertainment in the form of toys. A good scratch post is another essential, otherwise they could take out their energy on your furniture, curtains and other treasured decor. A true indoor specialist, a burmese handles apartment living well. However, they do love to go outdoors if allowed by their owners, but they are really just not cut out for it. These cats are prone to being picked on by other cats, and they also lack road sense, making road accidents a real danger for them. Being short haired these cats have low grooming requirements. Just a brush once a week will do. It is advisable to keep their claws trimmed to minimise collateral damage around they house.
One downside of living the indoor life is being prone to obesity, so you  will need to be careful not to overfeed them.
However the good news is that they are generally medically sound. Dental disease is common in Burmese over 3 years of age, just as it is in other cats the same age. I know from experience these cats are accident prone, so keep them away from dangers such as roads, other cats and high balconies.

Devon Rex 

these closely cropped cats arent your typically independent animal. They thrieve and almost demand company. While they prefer the human kind, most Devon Rex cats even accept other animals as playmates. This amounts to friendliness in some peoples eyes, but it could also be seen as neediness in others. But its a fact of life that  the Devon Rex  can become a real shadow around the house. Its short hair, prominent cheekbones and large eyes can almost give a human like apppearance.

this cat loves company. The good news is that its short coat means very little grooming is required. In fact, a light run over with a damp sponge is often all it needs. Unfortunately its lack of street sense means it is best kept indoors. Otherwise run ins with cars or even other cats could cause problems. Health wise, this breed once had many health problems, but its now generaly free of disease. Dental problems caused by a build up of tartar are usually the primary concern. Dry food and perhaps the occasional clean at the vet will reduce any risk of this happening.

Russian Blue

Personality: not much fazes these cool Russians. Russian Blues tend to be adaptable to both indoor and outdoor living. Even other pets are accepted, or is that tolerated? Russian Blues are keen to please without being overbearing, in a family situation all family members are accepted, however they are known to pick a favourite to whom they will most be strongly bonded.

try not to let their environment become too noisy or they can become a little withdrawn. Due to their short coat, you will be spared any major grooming duties, as these are easy to care cats. From my experience, the Russian Blues are healthy, there are no major health concerns, so provided you take care of the basics (vaccinations, worming, flea control, keep the weight down and the teeth clean) this is one cat that can live for a long time.

 British Short Hair 

this is one for the kids, a cat that is amazingly tolerant of the ankle biters. This cat is so easy going its almost scary. This relaxed Brit insists on living the good life on the coach in the comfort of home. This makes for one of the most companionable and easy going cats in the world. For someone working long hours who wants a friendly face to come home to, the British Shorthair may make the perfect companion.The only downside is that this cat can sometimes be too reserved- and may require a fun game to lure it out of its retirement mode.

a good brush once or twice a week takes care of grooming this easy care cat. British Shorthairs are reasonabley sound medically


if you believe the stories regarding the emergence of this breed, you will understand why Birmans like to sleep alot. They have certainly been busy. Apparently once the sacred temple cats of Burma, their white feet were meant to have been spiritually gifted to them. Fast forward to the present day and they are well and truely making their presence felt as an up and coming breed. Their popularity revolves around their Persian like coat, their deep blue eyes and a playful yet settled temperament. These cats mark themselves as something special from the start. Their months as kittens are amusing to say the least. They are really cheeky personalities who almost seem to be aware of their good looks and are more than aware of what they can and cant get away with. Their meow can be loud and distinctive, so make sure you dont give in to their every whim, otherwise they can become demanding.

The Birman tend to be trouble free if the owner does all the basics right. Cat owners who enjoy caring for cats. So the ideal owner is one who feeds this cat well and plays diligent attention to this cats grooming needs. Focus most your attention on that thick silky coat. You must brush regularly (twice a day is often required) to avoid that loose hair causing fur balls. Excess hair can also combine with this cats narrow pelvis to make constipation a big risk. Feed your Birman a well balanced diet (Premium brand dry food is ideal) Raw chicken wings will assist with keeping teeth clean.