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Find a solution for your dogs anxiety

Steve Coppell - Friday, August 03, 2012

Many dogs suffer daily with anxiety. Fear of thunder, separation anxiety, car or travel anxiety. Dogs react to stress and change just like we do, the list goes on. 

How do I know if my dog is suffering with anxiety?
Your dog can't tell you why they are anxious, but you can be sure they will express stress and anxiety in their day to day behaviour. So your looking at your dogs body language and behaviour. 

For example the body language of fear might include:

*The tail tucked under their bottom
*Ears back flat against the head
*Head lowered with cowering type behaviour
*Frequent licking of lips
*Nervous behaviour and frequent yawning
*Body shivering 

Examples of separation anxiety might include:

*Excessive drooling
*Barking, howling
*Chewing of furniture and property
*A generally depressed or withdrawn nature

What can be done to help alleviate my dogs stress and discomfort?

One method of soothing and calming anxiety in dogs is the use of pressure or anxiety wraps. Wrapping is similar to swaddling an infant and uses a technique called maintained pressure. The wrap provides constant, gentle pressure to your dogs torso and chest. This has been found to work as an effective alternative to anti depressant drug therapy.    

Tails is please to offer the Thundershirt as an effective, drug free, alternative treatment for anxiety in dogs. They are available in sizes to suit your dog.

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