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Did you know? Pets and Feng Shui

Steve Coppell - Saturday, August 14, 2010

Feng Shui is about environments and people and originally pets would not have played any part in the design of homes at all. Animals were domesticated as long as 8000 years ago but until quite recent times they were mainly used to work for their owners, and regarded as property rather than as best friends to human beings.
Although we get pleasure from our pets and studies have shown that stroking animals can relieve signs of stress, we should not be blind to the fact that they can cause health risks in the home.

Just as human beings enjoy better health with good food and excercise, so pets will remain healthier if they are not imprisoned in confined spaces and fed on poor diets for the duration of their lives.

Fish symbolise success and wealth in China, and an aquarium by the entrance or in the sitting room is thought to encourage this. Eight  gold fish and one black one in a tank are believed to be an auspicious combination.
When fish die it is not regarded as a sad occasion since it is thought  that they are absorbing the bad luck of the family and the fish are replaced immediately.

The use of animals as luck symbols
 is widespread in China, and their symbolism lies deep within the culture of the country. In chinese lore the money frog, (or Chan Chu) carrying a coin in its mouth and placed inside the front door is thought to drive away evil, protect goods and money, and attracts wealth to the house.