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4 ways to calm your new pups first night blues

Steve Coppell - Saturday, June 11, 2011

Imagine spending your first six to eight weeks of life with your mother, brothers and sisters. You have a mother that feeds you and looks after you and a constant source of playmates and warm bodies to sleep next to. All of a sudden, a strange smelling person picks you up and takes you away from your family. You are left on a bed or in a box without any of the warmth or safe smells and other comforts you have grown up with. Sound scary? Try these suggestions to make your puppies first night in their new home a little more comfortable.
1/  Purchase a heat pad or a hot water bottle and place it underneath a towel or their blanket.
2/  Give them something soft and warm to sleep on such as a old fleece jersey.
3/  Sometimes if you turn a radio on with the volume down low this will offer comfort.
4/  Ask the breeder for something that smells of the pups mother and siblings such as a piece of cloth or toy.

A purpose built dog crate is a good idea. This becomes their own bedroom space, that will also help with house training.
Regardless, be prepared for a few nights of unsettled sleep. Don't give in to constantly checking on your upset pup during the night. They quickly learn this is how to get your attention. Likewise be clear about their sleeping arrangements. Stick to the plan. You know who to blame if you come home to find them sleeping on your bed, ( if you let them sleep with you in your bed to begin with).