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Eastern River Cooter

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15-Oct-2009 03:25 p.m.

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Eastern River Cooter (Pseudemus Concinna Concinna)

Eastern River Cooter's are the largest Freshwater turtle kept as pets in New Zealand and there are very few of them surviving. In the50s and 60s quite a few of these where seen for sale in Pet Shops along with red-eared Sliders. No-one to our knowledge has bred any, so the few that remain alive are very old indeed. The life span is to be said to be 40-50 years in captivity.

Females can reach a shell length of 40 to 45cms, and males a shell length up to 20cms.

Like the male red-eared turtles, the male River Cooter's have extremely long claws on their front feet and a very large tail in relation to the females,

Adult River Cooter's make excellent pond turtles due to their large size, but if you are wanting to keep these guys in a tank we recommend males.

River Cooter's are quite hardy and will adapt to pond life once they are three to four years old.

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