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Red Eared Turtles

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15-Oct-2009 01:37 p.m.

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Red Eared Turtles. (Trachemys Scripta Elegans)

The Red eared Turtle is the most common fresh water turtle in the world. It is easily identified by red markings on its ears.

The female Red eared Turtle grows to approximately 25cm long inside the shell. The male 15-18cms. They will live about 45 to 50 years in captivity.

Like the male River Cooter, the male Red eared Turtles have extremely long claws on their front feet and a very large tail in relation to the females.

The Red eared Turtle is easy to keep and can be hand fed.

When your Red eared Turtle grows too large for your tank he will usually adapt well to pond living. 

Chris @ Hot House Turtles