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21-Jun-2009 03:32 p.m.

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Saliva is produced by the salivary gland to lubricate food and begin the digestive process in the mouth and as food passes down the alimentary tract.

Tarter forms on the teeth when the calcium and phosphate components of saliva accumulate and form a hard crust on the teeth. This crust is usually concentrated where the teeth meet the gums and may cause gingivitis, inflammation of the gums.

One reason for the build up of tarter is the lack of hard food in the diet which, by the act of chewing, scours the teeth and prevents the build up of these hard deposits.

Royal Canin –Oral Sensitive.

I would and do recommend this food to assist in lessening tarter build up. The makers of this food recommend regular tooth brushing as the most effective way of combating tarter build up. However, they claim that the ergonomic kibble size and texture promotes chewing. The shape and flexible texture of the kibble produces a mechanical brushing effect on dental plaque and tarter deposits when chewed. Also, the supply of chelated calcium compounds in the food helps to limit tarter formation and promote good oral hygiene.

Most people who have their cats on these products have done so, initially, because of bad breath. They notice improvements very quickly and tend to stick with the products.