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Introducing a Kitten

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21-Jun-2009 03:31 p.m.

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Initially, separate them from the resident cat for most of the time. Introduce them gradually when you are present.

Buy a new litter tray for the kittens and place it some way away from their food and water in a restricted area so that it is easy to access. Introduce them to this and supervise their use of it by lifting them into it after they have eaten, slept or had an accident.

Gradually introduce the kittens to a larger area of the house but make sure that they always have easy access to their litter tray and return them to the restricted area at night. I would keep them in the house for a few weeks and discourage them from going near the cat flap.

If they have already been litter trained in the pet shop, I would use the litter that they have been used to begin with. Keep the litter tray clean without, necessarily completely changing it every day – so that they recognise it as their own.