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26-Jun-2009 12:04 p.m.

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Praise Not Punish

Numerous studies and all the best dog trainers will tell you that the best training involves praising your dog for its positive behaviour.Celebrating the times your dog or puppy is successful lets him know that he has done what you want, and that is exactly what your dog wants in most cases.
Punishment rarely works, though, because often times your dog does not connect the punishment with the right action. So just remember, praise don`t punish.

Have A Routine

Make sure that you have a training routine with your dog, at least early on. When you have a routine your dog knows the difference between play time and work time. Eventually you can begin to expose him to new environments and work at different times, but a routine early on is a good idea.

Be Patient

Patience is a big part of teaching your puppy to do what you want.Keep in mind your dog wants to please you and the process of of training at home is one of communication. That means you must exhibit patience when the inevitable setbacks occur.