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21-Jun-2009 03:32 p.m.

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Large breed male dogs will reach sexual maturity later that the small and medium breeds of dogs, the general rule seems to be the larger the breed of dog the later they reach sexual maturity, so an owner of a large breed dog can expect full sexual maturity to occur around 15 months of age.  This is evident by behavioural changes and their testicles dropping.

If a large breed male is not neutered he can exhibit behaviours such as, a increase of territory marking and the desire to wander in search of on heat females and perceived competitors.

Male dogs that aren’t neutered are also more likely to show dominant behaviours towards other dogs and people, and aggressive behaviour is more likely in an intact male that in a neutered one. 

So unless the owner of the dog is a breeder, neutered is always advised, as a neutered dog is healthier and a lot easier to manage for an owner.