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21-Jun-2009 03:26 p.m.

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The difference between live attenuated vaccines and killed vaccines are that live attenuated vaccines are live germs that have been grown in either an unnatural host like a different species of animal or in a tissue culture to modify and reduce their ability to cause disease in the dog. They will still multiply to stimulate the active immune response of creating antibodies, they are live but weak and when a live attenuated vaccine is given it will usually work with only one dose.

The killed vaccines are made from germs that have been killed either by heat or by chemical agent such as formalin.These organisms can’t multiply in the dog but still stimulate the formation of antibodies, but to a lesser degree.The dog will need to have two doses of this vaccine with an additive to enhance effectiveness.

So basically they are two different methods used to achieve the same response but the use of live attenuated vaccines achieve this faster, with only one dose needed but carry a high risk in some cases, and killed vaccines take longer but are much safer.