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21-Jun-2009 03:26 p.m.

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There are many advantages to feeding your dog on super premium foods.

Value for money as a super premium dog food is a complete diet for you dog, so with an average cost of $15.00 per week it’s competitively priced. You will feed less usually about half as much as supermarket foods.

It is a much more convenient way of feeding, less mess, almost odourless and doesn’t need refrigeration. Can be kept fresh in a sealed bin, and stored away from human foods.

You will find that you feed less as the food you are feeding is a complete balanced diet with more high quality proteins, higher quality carbohydrates, high quality fats and oils for energy, vitamins and minerals all added and blended to give your dog the required healthy amounts of these daily. Makers of super premium foods do a lot of research to guarantee that all the needs of the dogs are met in a tasty, easy to digest product.

The dog will pass less and will have healthier stools, as you dogs will eat less quantity and the quality allows your dog to easily digest and utilise its food, therefore producing less waste.

Super premium foods make it easier for you to monitor and adjust their intake to manage weight gain or loss and to make adjustments that may be needed depending on different factors like, age, level of activity, growth, breeding etc.

The proof of all this is will be obvious in your dog, within the first month or so you will see a healthier coat, better energy levels, healthier stools, less odour, brighter eyes and a much happier content dog.