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Ear Cleaning

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21-Jun-2009 03:24 p.m.

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Dog’s ears should be checked weekly for infection, but if the ears are pendulous or the dog swims a lot this should be done more regularly.  Dog’s ears should be cleaned weekly also to prevent the dogs from contracting ear infections and to lessen the risk of ear mites, so prevention is easier than cure.

The process of ear cleaning should be done very carefully, with a dog ear cleaner solution this is slightly acidic to help release debris from the ear, the solution should be put into the dogs ear and then gentle massaged at the base for about 30 seconds, using a cotton ball or cotton pad the debris and fluids should be gently wiped out.

Only wipe the area you can see, never delve further into the dogs ear canal as this can be harmful to the dogs ears.  This process can be repeated until the ear flap and external ears are clean. Regular cleaning helps you dog get used to this process making it much easier to treat your dog, if it gets mites or an ear infection in the future.