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09-Oct-2009 03:53 p.m.

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Crate training your new pup will satisfy the dogs need for a den like enclosure. It is also a very effective way to house train your pup, because it takes advantage of the dogs natural reluctance to soil in its sleeping place.  It works well to minimise damage to your home and offers protection for your pup in your absence, by creating a safe enviroment, where he isn't exposed to household hazards like electrical wires, cleaning products, etc.

A crate serves as a mobile home that can be moved from room to room as necessary, you will often find your puppy will quickly adopt this area as their own territory.

It is also an effective tool if your pup or you need some time out, and will assist with creating essential routines during early puppy training.

Encourage your pup with a treat in their crate at bedtime and pup will quickly associate the crate in a positive light.

Make the crate puppy only territory and don't allow children to play in it.

It is important to regularly put your puppy in the crate, as your puppy will need to have naps often during the day, its a good idea that these are had in the crate.

Having crate trained my own pup, I have found it an effective method and would highly recommend it to all.